Target’s Saturday Privacy Invader

After leaving from my Saturday class, I went to a few stores to search for a few index cards to paint on for my painting class.

While I was on the phone minding my own business, I walk my way into Target. I grabbed a Target buggy to put my stuff in it because I didn’t feel like carrying anything. I simply was listening to what my mother wanted from the store. The plan was to get few things and go home to finish up my all of my assignments. Mainly was joking on the phone  when I noticed a random girl was holding her black camera phone in my direction. I assumed I was in her way. I decided to move to  different area in the store so she wanted from that aisle. I saw her holding her camera following me as  I was trying to go to the elevator. She rushed  in front of me to block me from using in the Elevator. Who does this?

In my head, I was wondering what is she doing?I thought to myself this is getting kind of stupid.

I was still talking on the phone during this bizarre situation. I told my mother that I think this girl is trying to record me. My mother asked, How do you know she is recording? I responded saying When I try avoiding her, She follow my every moment. She made sure her camera stayed in front of me.  It became obvious at that point she was stalking me with her camera phone.

After she finishes filming me, she left with her buggy. I have to wait and think for a second. She is a Black girl with a dark complexion tone wearing grey hat, Khaki pants and Light jacket or hoody.

At this time I was thinking: Who is this Creep? What is She doing? Why is this freak trying to record me? Why Is She bothering me? What does she want? I have never seen her in a day of My life.  Why Is She here tracking my every movements?

I walk up to  her and as her why in the world is she recording me. She never answer the question  and never denied the fact that she did recorded me.


 The most ironic thing is  this Niga have to say to me was,” Stop following me”  Did I hear that Right? A gurl who was following me and rerecording me just said stopped following her when I was asking her a QUESTION that was based on her following ME.

Here is the most killer part of all times!!!THIS WOMAN HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY THESE WORDS. How can someone who acted like a stalker say words like this:

Stop following me or I will report you to the cops.

Are you Kidding me….Are you really kidding me…

You must be Joking with ME!  You stalk me with your very own personal camera phone and you say this..

Miss Stalker also said something that have no relation to my Question.

I kept asking her Why are you recordingME. Why are you invading my ownfreedom of privacy, After all, a customershould be able to enter a dam store without people trying to stalk them and record them.


This Lady Claims that she is a so called mother and daughter. What does that got to do with YOU STALKING ME withYOUR CELL PHONE? So what, Who cares…

I am a daughter, sister, niece, cousin, second cousin, auntie, granddaughter, etc- Big family…What does that prove in a situation where you are the one who is stalking Me?

What was the point of you rambling with this statement?You are technically one whoattack my own  privacy  for I don’t  know what reason.


Pretty much, today was the worst day to go to the Target due to this crazy lunatic that lurks in there. Lesson of the Day, Never EVER go to downtown Target.

All I saw was a crazy hypocritical LADY recording me and following me when I try to AVOID HER.

Security Guard notice a scene and ask me what has happened and I told him that I was busy talking on the phone while some crazy lady stalk me with her camera phone. I don’t even know if the Guard did anything to solve the problem. Basically I agree that I am better off leaving that place. Who would of thought running a simple errand to the store can lead to something as crazy as this? 



The Niga that Records people